My Physical Therapist, inc. specializes in helping Coloradoans rehabilitate from injuries suffered at work, while playing sports, in automobile accidents, or while simply living life. We help our patients feel better by developing highly individualized treatment plans, communicating our actions every step of the way, and working together to improve overall physical function.

What distinguishes us from other physical therapy practices is the one-on-one attention that you will receive at every visit. We understand that physical therapy can be challenging, painful, and a little scary. But we are dedicated to making your visits productive, using your time wisely, and making your life a little easier.

My Physical Therapist. Improving your health. Improving your life.


"Michael Baum is one of the best Physical Therapists I've ever worked with and I routinely refer patients to him. He has helped many of my clients before and after surgery feel better and improve their function."
Dr. Jon Erickson, Orthopedic Surgeon, Denver

"Michael Baum is a fantastic physical therapist! After my second knee surgery, Michael significantly improved the way I felt and increased the speed of my recovery. I'm proud to call Michael My Physical Therapist."
Joanne Smith, Broomfield

"I'm so thankful that Michael is My Physical Therapist. I suffered neck pain and headaches after my automobile accident, but Michael helped relieve my symptoms and enabled me to get back to my daily routine and active lifestyle."
David Herrera, Westminster